• PowerPlate – Core fundamentals
  • PowerPlate – Fitness and performance
  • Fitness Anywhere – TRX Suspention Training course
  • Peak summit – Training – Joe Dowdell
  • Peak summit – Nutrition – Dr. Mike Roussell
  • CEU – Modified Strongman Training
  • Vanderbilt University (coursera) Nutrition, Health, and lifestyle: issues and insights
  • The University of Pennsylvania (coursera) – Going out on a Limb: The Anatomy of the Upper Limb
  • Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset – London Workshop
  • Exercises for injuries – Ruthless mobility
  • Functional movement system – Gray Cook
  • YBT – Gray Cook
  • Precision Nutrition – PN1 – Dr. John Berardi
  • Certified physical preparation specialist – Joe Defranco a Jim Smith
  • The science of training young athletes – University of Florida – coursera
  • Science of exercise – University of Colorado Boulder – coursera
  • Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach – University of Minnesota – coursera
  • BioForce certified conditioning coach – Joel Jamieson
  • Complete shoulder and hip blueprint – Tony Gentilcore, Dean Somerset – organizing of Prague workshop
  • Elite athletic developement seminar – Mike Robertson, Joe Kenn
  • Elite athletic developement seminar 2 – Mike Robertson, Joe Kenn
  • McGill level 1 Building the ultimate back – Prague Workshop
  • Hybrid Athlete – Alex Viada – Prague seminar
  • Bayesian bodybuilding PT certification – Menno Henselmans – 6 months course – nutrition + training
  • Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist – Dr. Sarah Duvall – 3 months course specialized on training after giving birth 
  • Recovery to win – Joel Jamieson – seminar Skotsko


I was in athletics, basketball and American football on competitive level. Today I am a strength and fitness trainer. I am a founder and owner of Barbar Gym in Prague. Not only am I helping ordinary people exercise and deal with their health issues etc. I am also involved in making strength and fitness training plans for sport teams or individual athletes. 

My first trip to a fitness center was when I was 11 year old, so naturally I have gone through a huge number of various workouts and systems since then. Because of the times when I worked myself to the bone in a gym for months with no results or when I got injured, I'm educating myself in all aspects of fitness and its related fields as much as possible.

In order for you to get a picture of which people and rules I use for inspiration, here is a list of people I learn from (be it books, courses, articles, etc.) – please keep in mind that it's just a list of the main ones:

Strength and fitness training: Joe Defranco, Jim Smith, Joel Jamison, Jim Wendler, Dave Tate, Mark Bell, Tony Gentilcore, Andy Boldon, Tim Ferris, Jason Ferruggia, Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Yuri Verkhoshansky, Dr. Mel Siff, Pavel Tsatsouline, Charlie Francis, Mike Boyle, Dan John, Diane Fu, Brian Macakenzie, Nick Tumminello, Team Juggernaut, Christian Thibaudeau, Brian Carroll, Adam Bornstein, Bret Contreras, Charles Poliquin, Chad Waterbury, Mark Rippetoe, Joe Dowdell, Tudor Bompa, Leonid Matveyev, Vladimir Issurin, Louie Simmons, Menno Henselman, Greg Nucols

Rehabilitation and correction exercises: Gray Cook, Janda, Kolář, Dean Somerset, Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, Kelly Starett, Thomas W. Myers, Rick Kaselj, Mike Reinold, Stuart Mcgill, Sahrmann, Panjabi

Nutrition: Mike Russel PhD., Dr. John Berrardi (and his whole team of Precious Nutrition), Brian St. Pierre, Dr. Jade Teta, Brad Schoenfeld, Alan Aragon, Tom Venuto, Eric Helms

Just so that I am not only listing people I study from, here is a list of certificates I have obtained: 


  • Trainers school Ronnie – fitness trainer, body-building trainer of 2nd class
  • Holmes Place Personal Trainer: Education PT Level 1
  • Bosu Core training – Face czech academy
  • Assissted stretching – SM System – MUDr. Smíšek
  • Arena Pavly Kladivové – Přemístění I
  • Rehabilitation prague school – DNS podle Koláře I
  • Rehabilitation prague school – DNS podle Koláře II
  • Modern sport nutrition: everything is different in real life – RNDr. Petr Fořt Csc and more