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Something about me

I started as a personal fitness trainer in commercial fitness centers. 

... which is not really that interesting. The problem there for me was, that it didn't matter how you trained your clients, but it all came down to how good you were in selling of the gym's products and training plans. Also, I wanted to train in a way that was not possible in the big commercial fintess centers. And so, instead of slowly working myself to death in there I founded my own gym – Barbar Gym  where I could do things the way I wanted. 

The main focus of Barbar Gym WASIS – and WILL always be strength and fitness training. It doesn’t sound as fancy as the now popular "functional training" and a lot of other cool terms that usually have little if any connection to the activity itself. However, it is the basis for everything. Which is also why there are so many people whom we have helped after surgery or various injuries, or even before surgery.

With all this excperience came the need and drive to help as many people as possible and so I try to publicize various articles, make videos and blog posts with tips and advice on social media. 

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