First training is always free. During that time we get to know each other, setting goals, diagnostics, etc. It's so that I can make an ideal plan of our sessions and have data on which to base the training plan.


Individual and semi-private trainings, group trainings can be found in the time schedule and price list on


First trainingFREE
Single 1 200 CZK
5 entries4 500 CZK
10 entries8 000 CZK
monthly pass (twice per week)6 240 CZK
monthly pass (3 times per week)8 400 CZK


Single500 CZK
10 entries3 500 CZK

Online training

3 months program5 000 CZK per month – total 15 000 CZK
6 months and longer4 700 CZK monthly
Nutrition counseling2 000 CZK monthly (can only be added to above monthly programs)


What's the difference between monthly pass and an XX entry permit?

Monthly pass is time limited, but the one for XX entries is not – it is only limited by the number of entries you purchase.

If I want to combine trainings, do I have to have a permit for each of them?

No. If you have any kind of permit in my gym, you have the permit prices for everything (also group classes)